Development of technical and commercial software
Tim Reckmann /


IRTA Software Systeme GmbH was founded in the year 1989 with its  seat in Reutlingen (Baden-Würtemberg).  Its main purpose was marketing of the products of WORDPERFECT (text processing, spread sheet, groupware products) for the operating systems UNIX as well es Digital Equipment’s VAX computers with VMS as operating system. She was successful in marketing these systems until mid of the 90s when WORDPERFECT sold all its products to NOVELL and NOVELL kind of immediately resold parts of them to COREL DRAW. Because of this the market in Germany lost trust in the continuity of these products, and the business with these products came over the following years slowly to an end.

About at the same time the first contacts were made to the Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission. IRTA took over the commercial and customer support activities for their materials database product MatDB (former AlloysDB). This activity continues until today.

In addition, IRTA does customer specific consulting and development projects in the area of databases, mostly but not only with Oracle as database.